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• Pursuing a Masters degree in American Studies at University of Massachusetts, 2004 -09.

• Masters in Religious Education at Andover Newton Theological School, 2001.

• BA in Anthropology & Linguistics, University of Massachusetts at Boston, 1980.

• Trained in modern dance, Boston Conservatory 1971-72.

• Trained in classical Violin 1973 to present.


PERFORMANCE 1989 to present

Historical Role Plays; Dramatic Storytelling and Ensemble Work

Performance of original stories, folk tales, myths, bilingual stories (Spanish and French). Portrayal of important African American figures of the 19th century:

• Abolitionists Frederick Douglass, Scientist and Educator George Washington Carver William Brown of Rhode Island and Guy Scott of Sturbridge, William Grimes of Litchfield, Robert Roberts of Gore Place, Waltham; Paul Robeson; Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr.

• Performed at Tufts University, Lesley University, Boston Children's Museum, Museum Afro-American History, McDonalds Foundation in Connecticut., Old Sturbridge Village, Stanley-Whitman Museum, Farmington CT. plus hundreds of schools, libraries and community centers throughout the country in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island.

Radio, Television and Recordings

• WGBH Open Source, host Christopher Lydon, "Voice of Frederick Douglass" 2005.

• Play narrative voice of Gullah Jack in "Gullah Jack's Bag" at Mobius, 2002.

• WGBH "Living on Earth" Winter Solstice special broadcast nationally on PBS, 1996.

• Frederick Douglass on "Try It," cable cast on Brookline Access Television, 1997.

• Frederick Douglass on CNN cable recording at Community Church of Boston 1997.

• WCVB TV, "City Line," storytelling performance broadcast, 1996.

• "Chi Kung: Health and Martial Arts," book-on-tape, for YMAA Publications, 1996.

• Museum of Fine Arts Nubian exhibition narrative recording "Get Ready for Boston!" CD in collaboration with Talking Stone Press, 1995.

TEACHING and CONSULTING: 1990 to present

• Lesley University - 2001 on; Adjunct teacher of Storytelling in Creative Arts in Learning - Lesley's Masters Level Intensive Storytelling Program, 2006.

• Teach and Perform in Eighth Grade Pre-Civil War Curriculum Enhancement Program, at Stanley-Whitman Museum, Farmington CT. 2006

• Arts in Progress - Semester-long program, Boston Public Schools, 1996-2001

• Very Special Arts - Semester-long program, Boston Public Schools, 1996-2001

• Short-term programs in locations throughout greater Boston, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Workshop tittle: "Letting Students Write : Where Do Stories Come From? How Are Stories Made?"

Workshops for Children and Educators

Design and conduct workshops that teach children to write and tell stories, involving them in storytelling and the creation of story books. Design and conduct workshops for educators that provide insight into the process of story-making and storytelling, and their application to the education of children.

Sample Workshop Themes :

• "Folk Tales, Fairy Tales and Childhood"

• "The Developmental Gifts of Stories"

• "Anecdotal History, and The Oral Tradition"



Create and Facilitate Trans Cultural Storytelling & Religious Education Ministry:

A devotee of comparative religious studies and practices (Cherokee Wisdom, Mahayana Buddhism, Taoist Meditation, Esoteric Christianity), Mr. Peartree celebrates the wonderful stories of Wisdom encountered in traditional religions throughout the world.

Special Offerings: Leaps of Faith in Movement and Drama

• Voices of the Heart - An exploration of Illustrated Book of the same title, author - Ed Young. Voices of the Heart is a Symbolic excursion into the religious meaning of the Heart with analogies drawn from stories, anecdotes and other sources.

• Dancing the Gospels, Dancing the Psalms - Interpreting stories from the Gospels and Psalms through Mime, Poetry, and Choreography.

WRITING: 1986 on

• Original Folkloric Tales: "The Wolf and the Little Girl," "The Two Sisters," "Nikomo, She Dance With the Sea," "Baby Juju," "The Four Winds (an Allegory of the Ancient Cherokee)."

• Southern Tales: "Peanut Butter," "Lickin Stick," "Grease Lightnin," "Cousin Ida," "Moonshine."

• POETRY: "I Am Your Loneliness," "The Initiate of a Goddess" "Hymn To Cosmic Night."



• Computer Programmer, New England Telephone / NYNEX 1980-1994.

• Substitute Teacher, Boston Public Schools - 1998 & 1999.



Subject areas of Proficiency:

American History, Biology and Ecology, French, Latin, English, Creative Writing, Storytelling, and Drama.


A full list of references and performance locations available upon request.


WEB SITE: Residency and Workshop Descriptions plus Performance Descriptions with accompanying photos,

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