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Frederick Douglass

Teacher Curriculm Guide


Suggested Activities Before the Perfomance

  1. Locate Frederick Douglass' birthplace, escape route and homes on the United States map.
    • Talbot, Maryland
    • New York City, New York
    • New Bedford, Massachusetts
    • Rochester, New York
    • Washington, DC
  2. Locate Canada, England, Santo Dorningo and Haiti on the world map or globe
  3. Discuss the Slave trade with students, pointing out trade routes on a map.
  4. Discuss the Civil War, Emancipation, Fifteenth Amendment.
  5. Discuss the importance of reading and writing and the educational advancement of Frederick Douglass
  6. Acquaint students with information found in this guide.

Suggested Activities After the Performance

  1. Ask class members to imagine themselves as Africans taken from Africa to America and sold as slaves. Have them write about their journey in a journal, a letter, a ballad or poem.
  2. Students may prepare a bulletin board display of African and African-American arts, science and education projects.
  3. Older students may research African American achievements in such fields as art, music, science, politics, sports and literature.
  4. Ask students to write and deliver a speech against slavery
  5. Ask students to publish their own abolition newspaper

Vocabulary Words and Topics of Discussion


African American













Related Study Topics

Social Studies

Settlement of various groups of people in the United States

  1. Native American Indians
  2. European Immigrants
  3. African Americans
  4. More recent immigration of Asians, Central Americans, Russians...


Students trace own individual ancestry


Students create displays, flags artifacts, musical instruments and native dress of their ancestry.


Skits depicting life in country of origin as well as the presentation of music, games, and costumes of each heritage.

Community Projects

International dinner incorporating foods, music, dress, dance and activities indigenous to each culture.



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 Frederick Douglass -- one man play by Guy Peartree

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Frederick Douglass -- one man play by Guy Peartree

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