George Washington Carver

Wizard of Tuskegee

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one-man play by

Guy Peartree

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Guy Peartree:

Guy Peartree has been telling stories since 1989. He performs historical characterizations of Frederick Douglass, William Brown and George Washington Carver; as well as folk tales from around the world. Guy Peartree also writes his own tales and believes the task of the writer and the storyteller is the same:
"To let the voices of our culture and imagination speak."


Wizard of Tuskegee is a one man play by Guy Peartree about George Washington Carver, a gifted plant doctor when he was young boy, who became a famous scientist for extracting chemicals from plants to make new foods and medicines. The story of Carver is an absorbing history of science, folklore, religion and African-American life between America's Civil War and World War II.

Guy Peartree has performed in museums, colleges, schools, churches and libraries throughout New England and the country. He brings a love of folklore, writing, and history to the craft of storytelling and employs storytelling to motivate children to write creatively.

His storytelling is signatured by engaging characterizations evoked through voice, pantomime and dialogue. His historical portrayals are faithful to the folkloric elements that broaden and enliven history.

Born in North Carolina, Mr. Peartree is African-American with a mix of Cherokee. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology and Linguistics from University of Massachusetts and a Masters in Religious Education from Andover Newton Theological School.

Presentations and Fees (Subject to Adjustment):

$1,000-$4,000 for first 60 minute performance

$500-$750 for 45 minute library performance

$300-$600 for additional performances and workshops/same day

$2,000-$4,000 and up for theater performances with lighting, costumes and props

Plus site specific researched references and play adaptations.

School Assemblies & Residencies

$500-$1000/ first assembly

$300-$600 for additional performances and workshops/same day

$1,200-$2,000/day for residencies

Teacher Workshops

$500-$1,000 for first teacher workshop

$300-$600 for additional workshops same day




"You did a real service for your audience and for the cause of American history. You enthralled us all with your recreation and dramatization of Douglass' life." -- Dennis O'Tool, Director, Strawberry Banke Museum, Portsmouth, NH

"Wonderful!... the presentation was professional. I want my students to have the opportunity to hear Mr. Peartree."" -- Teacher, at conference performance and workshop

"He is wonderful storyteller, and he had his audience spellbound from the start." -- Mary Johnson-Lally, Pollard Memorial Library, Lowell, MA


George Washington Carver (1860-1945)

Wizard of Tuskegee

Play Outline (45-60 minutes):


Letter from the Belgian Congo

Carver's Childhood:

  • Thirst for Education
  • Intuitive Love of Nature

Arriving at Tuskegee

Scientist, Ecologist, and Industrial Scientist

Discovered and created a variety of industries based on the chemical and biological properties of plants:

  • Sawdust into marble
  • Cotton as asphalt constituent
  • Plant stalks into fibers for making rugs
  • Clays into dyes and paints

Plant Derivatives

Creates new recipes and mock foods from the chemical and biological properties of plants -- most notably the PEANUT and SWEET POTATO.

Philosophy of Education

Boll Weevil is Coming

  • Mono Crop - King Cotton
  • Cotton Gin increased production
  • Land drained of nitrogen sustenance
  • Acres of wasteland

Peanut Oil as Medicine

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